One Hour Consultation


  • One hour phone call or in person meeting 
  • Discuss background, challenges and nutritional goals 
  • Receive education and advice on benefits on Keto
  • Receive meal plan tips and education
  • Receive in depth information regarding every stage of the Keto diet. How to lose weight and overcome plateaus 
  • Guide you with different fasting routines to make the process easier
  • Plus, you'll receive a discount on follow up consultation if needed

Private Keto Coaching - 4 Week Program


Official Meeting- The first step is to build trust. Our meeting, over the phone, or in person will dive deep into you goals. My role as a coach is to be your support and nonstop cheerleader. This will be the most rewarding journey, and it's my job to get you going and help you thrive. The best is yet to come!

Personalized Meal Plan- I will design a personalized meal plan that matches your life style while making it easier to reach your personal goals. We will go over “keto friendly foods” and foods to avoid.  I will be creating a grocery list for you to make life easier. 

Tips and Strategies- We “as a team” will go over all the tips and strategies to help you deal with some of the difficulties of making the life change to keto including: 

  • How to overcome the keto flu
  • Tips on breaking through weight loss plateaus
  • how to track blood sugar levels to ensure you are in fat burring mode 
  • How to track for ketosis and education on different levels of ketosis
  • Tracking your weight and measurements
  • Tracking food intake utilizing a mobile app and weighing your food
  • Tips on tracking and ordering at a resturant
  • Educate and design a fasting routine that will fit your lifestyle
  • Education on the fasting mimicking routine 

Daily Check-Ins

As your coach, I will be at your service. I will be checking in daily for questions/concerns. Most importantly, I will be your nonstop support system. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or dissolve health issues, my role is to ensure that you make it there.

I am passionate about the Keto lifestyle, and I'm passionate about helping others reach their very best life. I promise that you will emerge from this program educated, enlightened and changed. I am confident that this will be the most rewarding journey of self care that you'll ever embark on. 

Life Purpose Coaching


Although I have a Bachelors of Business, I have over a decade of experience in the healthcare system. I have seen the number of people struggling with mental illness increase, and I've developed a love of helping and educating people so they can transform their thoughts from fear based, to trust based. 

In 2014, I received a life coach certificate and wrote a self-development book. I’m very active with speaking engagements and also teach motivational workshops.

My specialties include: 

  • Life purpose coaching 
  • Guiding clients to understand the deeper meaning of why experiences are happening in life and the deeper meaning of it. 
  • How to break life patterns and manifest the life you want
  • Learning not be attached to outcomes and trust in timing
  • The power of surrendering 

Scheduling and Pricing


One Hour Consultation - $75

Private Keto Coaching (4 week program) $200

Life Purpose Coaching- $65/HR 

Speaking Engagements- Call/email for details

For booking appointments, please call or email



"4 months ago, my best friend Jennifer Stewart introduced me to the ketogenic diet. Being very sciential, I listened and did research. Then, I started my keto journey. Now, I've lost 24 lbs and attained an normal BMI for the first time in my life. My skin surprisingly is shrinking, I have mental clarity and abundant energy! The first picture is Day #3 of keto and picture #2 is 120 days.  Thank you Jennifer for all the support and coaching"

Deb, Michigan 


"There is no question about it; Jenn was brought in to my life for what i didn't know at the time was a life-changing experience. My whole life I have struggled with weight loss, diets, "life changes" and nothing ever stuck. Back in 2014 I started the Keto Diet-and I did very well on it, UNTIL.

...until my "cheat day" turned in to cheat weeks, months and so forth. I then underwent emergency gall bladder surgery in May 2017. It was after that surgery that I came to the realization just how important my life was as I was very sick with Pancreatitis after the operation. I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I knew that Keto worked really well for me in the past- so it was on the back of my mind. Not there long after, I was speaking to a co-worker, I was told lost a significant amount of weight. Come to find out he lost the weight doing Keto with the help of Jenn. He got me in touch with her, and I immediately reached out to her that afternoon. I will never forget it was a call on my drive home that would have forever changed my life. I told Jen my story where I had come from and where I had anticipated on going. I shared my successes as well as my downs. Jenn gave me a boost that I needed and recharged my mindset to do something I knew was what was best for me. I already knew the basics of Keto and how to succeed at it, but with the help of Jenn, I feel like I have been able to master it better and sustain the lifestyle that I always had intended on. She is a natural born leader, educator, and coach. She truly has a heart of gold and a passion for helping others. She has been there through my weight loss triumphs and disappointments, always standing next to me cheering me on. I will be ever so grateful and thankful that she has entered my life and helped me along this life-long journey of mine."

-Ileene, Michigan 

Speaking Engagements and books


I provide speaking engagements for all types of audiences.   My topics include:

- Mindfulness Practice Through Nutrition

-The Best is Yet to Come Now....Spiritual Practices to Living a Purposeful Life

-Work Place Harmony... "Your Vibe is Your Tribe"

-The Power of Change and Action 

-Healing The Inner Child to Manifest Life Purpose Outcomes

- And much more... 

My Self Published Books:  

-The Best is Yet to Come...NOW

Spiritual Practices to Living a Purposeful Life 

-Mindfulness Keto 4 Week Workbook

Ketogenic Best Practices and Daily Journal 


One Hour Consulting

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Private Keto Coaching- 4 Week Program

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Life Purpose Coaching

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