Deb, Michigan


"4 months ago, my best friend Jennifer Stewart introduced me to the ketogenic diet. Being very sciential, I listened and did research. Then, I started my keto journey. Now, I've lost 24 lbs and attained an normal BMI for the first time in my life. My skin surprisingly is shrinking, I have mental clarity and abundant energy! The first picture is Day #3 of keto and picture #2 is 120 days.  Thank you Jennifer for all the support and coaching"

Deb, Michigan 

Illeen, Michigan


"There is no question about it; Jenn was brought in to my life for what i didn't know at the time was a life-changing experience. My whole life I have struggled with weight loss, diets, "life changes" and nothing ever stuck. Back in 2014 I started the Keto Diet-and I did very well on it, UNTIL.

...until my "cheat day" turned in to cheat weeks, months and so forth. I then underwent emergency gall bladder surgery in May 2017. It was after that surgery that I came to the realization just how important my life was as I was very sick with Pancreatitis after the operation. I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I knew that Keto worked really well for me in the past- so it was on the back of my mind. Not there long after, I was speaking to a co-worker, I was told lost a significant amount of weight. Come to find out he lost the weight doing Keto with the help of Jenn. He got me in touch with her, and I immediately reached out to her that afternoon. I will never forget it was a call on my drive home that would have forever changed my life. I told Jen my story where I had come from and where I had anticipated on going. I shared my successes as well as my downs. Jenn gave me a boost that I needed and recharged my mindset to do something I knew was what was best for me. I already knew the basics of Keto and how to succeed at it, but with the help of Jenn, I feel like I have been able to master it better and sustain the lifestyle that I always had intended on. She is a natural born leader, educator, and coach. She truly has a heart of gold and a passion for helping others. She has been there through my weight loss triumphs and disappointments, always standing next to me cheering me on. I will be ever so grateful and thankful that she has entered my life and helped me along this life-long journey of mine."

-Ileene, Michigan